The Gift of Raksha Bandhan

The Gift of Raksha Bandhan

Sisters and brothers are the truest, purest forms of love, family and friendship, knowing when to hold you and when to challenge you, but always being a part of you - Carol Ann Albright Eastman.

Celebrated on the day of the full moon during the month of Sawan or more commonly known to us as August, Raksha Bandhan is an annual festival observed by Hindu brothers and sisters. The day is marked by the auspicious custom of a sister tying a piece of string representing an amulet or talisman, called a rakhi on the wrist of her brother which symbolises protection, duty and the bond between them. In return, her brother gifts her with a special token of gratitude which also represents the responsibility and care he holds for her. The celebrated custom of tying a “ rakhi” holds deep rooted cultural significance stemming back around 6000 years ago.

According to Hindu mythology, in the Mahabharata period, Lord Krishna accidentally cut his finger on the Sudarshan chakra (whirling disk-like weapon used by Lord Vishnu). Upon seeing this, Princess Draupadi quickly tied a piece of cloth around his fingers to stop the bleeding; this piece of cloth then became a sacred thread. Lord Krishna was touched by this sisterly affection and felt bound by this compassion and vowed to protect her in future. In subsequent chapters, Lord Krishna protected the princess during an altercation at court and salvaged her dignity by providing never-ending reams of cloth which kept her covered.

This year, Raksha Bandhan falls on August 11th. During the ritual, the sister will place a thilak on her brother’s forehead before tying the “ rakhi” and pray for his good health and prosperity in life. A sweet dish will be offered to her brother before receiving an exciting gift or token of appreciation.

In commemoration of this joyous festival, our Jayshrees Rivaz team have penned a list of the ideal gift or gifts if you want to spoil your sister a little more this year. While the last 2 years have halted the activities of this festival, this year you can elevate your choice of gift and make it a memorable day for your sister.

Whether you’re aiming to reunite with your sibling after a long time, strengthen the bonds between you two or showcase the bond of your love, choose from a range of gifts on offer:

  • Bangles: Colourful bangles are an ideal choice of gift for Raksha Bandhan. More than just an accessory to an outfit, bangles are a symbol of beauty, luck, health and prosperity. Each colour also symbolises different energy and draws unique characteristics to the wearer. As an example, wearing red bangles encourages prosperity and increases life energy. Backed by scientific explanation, wearing bangles causes friction in the wrists which promotes increased blood circulation and overall good health. Keeping this in mind, what gift could be better?
  • Bhindis: Not only used by married women, bhindis have become a popular accessory to any outfit on any occasion! Match outfits, other accessories like handbags and shoes easily with a colourful tapestry of bhindis to choose from.
  • Sarees: In our team opinion, sarees are the most fitting gift for any occasion as they are sentimental and deeply connected to our memory and identity. Receiving a saree will allow your sister to feel seen, acknowledged, valued and appreciated. It honours a bond, expresses love and closeness, sharing a piece of art that is rich in our culture and history and pride. It is the most fitting choice of gift, denoting the history behind Raksha Bandhan. Jayshrees Rivaz hosts a range of sarees that will fit any budget, any size and serve as a lifelong dear gift to your sister. As sisters ourselves, we love saying “my brother bought this for me” when complimented on our attire at functions.
  • Jewellery sets / handbags / sandals or a kurtis / punjabis: If your sister prefers an easier look, purchase a kurti or punjabi and pair it with some stunning accessories and sandals.

At Jayshree's / Rivaz, you can order your gift, accessories and request for your gift to be wrapped and delivered to your or sister’ s door for a unique surprise on the day.